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Kate Smith CPA PLLC offers three levels, tailored to this category of businesses, based on our established history of comprehending their specific needs. Regardless of which our clients choose, our firm delivers personalized attention and an average of 40% savings on taxes.

We focus our tailored services on our niches: medical professionals, dental professionals, dermatologists, real estate professionals, and IT professionals

Service Levels


For the business with basic needs for yearly tax filing, with little to no alterations year-over-year, in order to focus on maintaining their revenues. Additional services (such as proactive tax planning and consulting) available at our hourly rates.


For the business desiring to outsource both tax planning and tax filing. We ensure you remain on top of the tax plan already in place. Ideal for businesses who want to increase their profitability throughout the year. Includes 2 in-person strategy sessions with our founder each year, as well as 1 hour for email and telephone communications quarterly. Those who wish to readdress their current tax plan, or craft a new one, would benefit most from our Concierge level.


Our highest level of service: our team handles all aspects of a tax department relating to responding to all notices on client’s behalf, managing all filings, and more. Includes one in-person strategy session per quarter with our founder as well as 2 hours each month for question-and-answer by email or telephone.

Reserved for our clients whose businesses have surpassed $1M in annual revenues, these clients look to maximize their tax savings for sustained, long-term results. Our Concierge clients can expect a commitment from us to remain available for additional meetings, phone calls, or emails in excess of the included hours, billed at a set rate on top of service fees.