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About Our Firm

The Kate Smith CPA PLLC difference includes an in-depth understanding of leveraging proactive tax strategy into business profitability. More than just a tax preparer, or a standard accounting firm, Kate Smith CPA PLLC’s team includes both a certified tax coach and a certified public accountant. These additional certifications set our firm apart from others.

Catering to clients whose businesses show annual sales of at least $1M and owners with $500K in taxable income, we apply the same planning strategies successfully used by large corporations (those with $1B+ in sales). In this way, our team gives midsized businesses the same wealth-building tax reduction benefits without sacrificing the level of service of a boutique firm. Combining business analytics with the strength of our founder’s background, Kate Smith CPA PLLC clients typically see a 40% reduction in their tax payments.

Midsize businesses have the same needs as billion dollar organizations, but may not employ full-time departments for finance, tax, legal and HR. Our clients with their own CPA, business attorney, and financial advisors find that we fit seamlessly working along side their advisors, building the C-suite team and resources needed, but at a fractional level. We contribute our specialized strategic planning to their dream team, and each of the others focuses on their domain, more holistically addressing needs the client might not have realized exist. 

For smaller businesses looking for more standard accounting services, we have a network of highly qualified professionals we can refer you to. Those needing bookkeeping, payroll, and simple forms for filing can remain with their current tax preparer, and our firm will tackle the larger scale planning and strategy development.

Many of our clients choose to reinvest their tax savings into their businesses and communities, providing jobs through opening additional locations. It is our honor to see local economies flourish as a result of our work

About Our Founder

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Kate Smith, CPA

Kate Smith began her career working in one of the four largest international accounting firms worldwide, focusing on tax compliance, accounting, and auditing. Following that, she successfully partnered with domestic and international companies as well as publicly-held multi-national, billion dollar corporations. Opening her own firm in 2017 allowed Ms. Smith the opportunity to bring her aptitude for large, corporate financial strategizing to midsized businesses.

As a certified public accountant (CPA) and certified tax planner (CTP), her background cultivated a strong foundation in strategic tax minimization, tax compliance, and financial reporting. Ms. Smith then directed her skills with creating unique strategies to businesses, their owners, and high net worth individuals.

Her years of training and experience give her firm’s clients the benefit of an extensive knowledge on a range of issues. She applies these every day, unearthing all opportunities for strategic tax & risk minimization and wealth-building.